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Jesson Flowers would like take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful customers for their patience and understanding regarding the rising costs and unavailability of flowers over the Valentine’s Day period. All our customers made a very difficult and unpredictable Valentine’s Day as successful as it could be. Again we apologise for any disappointment that any of our customers may have experienced due to these problems. Valentine’s Day is now over, but unfortunately as the virus takes hold throughout Western Australia, things may continue to be unpredictable and difficult. Jesson Flowers as always, will endeavour to make available the best quality and the best value flowers and gifts for all our customers. We will also keep our customers informed through the web site of any changes or problems we may encounter due to Covid as the year progresses.

Please be safe and be vigilant.

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Jesson Flowers do not offer On-Line ordering through this Web site. If you have ordered online, you have then ordered through a third party company who are fraudulently linking their name to the Jesson Flower's website to obtain your order.These companies have no connection to Jesson Flowers. Therefore, we are not responsible for the quality or the delivery of gifts and flowers, that have been ordered online.